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In February 1982, On Location Education developed in discussion among Alan Simon and industry representatives, and the decision was made to create a full-fledged tutoring service to meet the requirements for on-set teachers. This was in response to the new Screen Actors Guild regulations, adapted in 1980. One month later the company identified  a tutor for its first student, who was on a television show called “Nurse.” In June 1982, OLE identified a Latin tutor for an actress who was appearing on Broadway in A Doll’s Life. In September, a call for teachers for five boys on the set of Once Upon A Time in America introduced OLE to films. The company’s next Broadway client, Almost an Eagle, rehearsed during the month of December 1982.

Over the next ten years, OLE continued to grow and provide services to a diverse set of clientele in a wide variety of locations. The company arranged tutors for  Miss Piggy’s human stand-in on The Muppets Take Manhattan, as well as the break dance whizzes inBeat Street.  The company made arrangements for a tutor to accompany “the Cosby Kids” to Helsinki, Finland.  As a wide range of productions, including “Kate and Allie”, various Nickelodeon shows, Les Miserables, Born on the Fourth of July, The Radio City Christmas Spectacular, and “The New Mickey Mouse Club” added to OLE’s list of clients and service locations. The company’s pool of qualified top-notch instructors grew as well.

A young professional’s education was always top priority. It was not enough to simply find the best teachers; On Location Education wanted to help families understand what a quality education for their children really meant, and to become a source of information and assistance for parents and production companies. To this end, Alan Simon founded The School for Young Performers in New York City, opened an On Location Education office in Florida to meet the demands of Nickelodeon’s operations in Orlando, published a book (“CallBack: The Young Performers Guide on How to Break into Show Business”), and created a series of informative seminars for young performers and their parents. He became co-chairperson of the Screen Actors Guild’s Young Performer’s Committee (New York Branch), the Vice Chair of the Young Performer’s Committee of the Actors’ Equity Association, and an active member of The Broadway League.

On Location Education has evolved with each young performer it has served. The company provides a complete range of educational services to children in all segments of the entertainment and athletics industries, as well as private tutors for children of families whose professional commitments include extensive travel. More than a quarter of a century after tutoring its first young actor, On Location Education continues the tradition of excellence in education that has made it an industry leader.

On Location Education supports the non-profit Crayons to Computers (C2C), an online store where teachers are able to obtain, free of cost, classroom supplies they need to most effectively educate their students.  OLE also partners with Rock and Wrap it Up!, which  boxes up all prepared but untouched meals following rock concerts, sporting events, and film productions, then delivers them to local food banks and charitable agencies.