Extended Travel with Kids in Tow? Pack a Bag (and a Teacher)

“I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.” ~ Mark Twain

Thinking about embarking on a memorable, long-term vacation with your family? Whether you’re dreaming of winding your way around the world or trekking cross-country, extended travel offers a long list of benefits for the entire family. For one thing, nationwide or global exploration provides hands-on learning experiences for your children that no classroom can rival. But before you pack your bags and hit the road, there are a few school-related preparations you will need to make.

Talk with the school

Before you leave, arrange a meeting with your child’s school to discuss his or her development and your educational plan for your time away. Understanding what material will need to be covered during the span of your trip will help you incorporate academics into your travel plans. You may be able to integrate your child’s curriculum into your adventures, planning learning experiences, assignments, and projects around your destinations.

Coordinating efforts with your child’s school will enable you to keep in step with grade-level objectives, expectations, and state standards. This is especially important for when your young travelers return to their schools at the conclusion of your trip.

Explore your options

Fortunately, families have several good options when it comes to educating children during protracted vacations. Between homeschooling, online academies, and private tutors, parents can choose the solution that best fits students’ learning styles, preferences, and travel plans.

It’s important to do your research to fully understand the pros and cons of each option. While homeschooling and online schools provide opportunities to continue your child’s studies during extended travel, these options require extensive preparation and continuous parental involvement. Each state and school district have specific requirements that must be met in order for your child to receive credit for work completed.

At OLE, we have found that private educational programs provide the structure needed to satisfy academic requirements, while offering flexibility and customized instructional plans so students can also enjoy time with their families. Since 1982, we have provided teachers who continue the education of students while they are away on vacation. Our dedicated staff coordinates with parents and teachers to ensure students complete their assignments and stay on pace academically.

Another advantage of choosing private educational programs is that families have complete control over schedules and routines. With OLE, the school travels to – and with – the student, rather than the other way around!

If you are planning an extended trip and would like to discuss education options with one of our specialists, you can contact us at 914-747- 2737.

Safe travels!