Four Can’t-Miss, On-Set Boredom Busters for Young Performers

People who work in the film and television industry know that there can be a lot of waiting around during production. This can be particularly challenging for a young actor. The good news, however, is that with a little planning, on-set downtime can be productive and enjoyable. Here are four ways young performers can combat boredom between takes.

School Days
If your child performer would normally be in school during production hours, then those blocks of time between scenes will, at least in part, be filled with classes. Child actors must spend a certain amount of time working on their education, per SAG regulations and state laws. You’ll find more information about on-set education on our website

Learn a New Skill
Need to master a new accent for an upcoming casting call? Intrigued by coding? Whether your child’s interest has been piqued by a professional skill or something beyond the entertainment industry, downtime is a good time to explore and practice. If you are looking for ideas for new skills and interests, try these great online sources: TED Talks for kids, 3-2-1 Acting Studios and Khan Academy.
Embrace a Hobby
Balance is important for performers of any age, which means it is essential to have an identity and interests outside of the entertainment industry. Devote some of your on-set downtime to those activities. Your soccer-loving daughter may find a safe space to practice her footwork. Your artistic son may want to hone his skills with pastels when he’s not in school or performing. Curling up with a good book, navigating the boss-battle on a favorite video game, and other kid-favorite activities are also good options.

Stay Connected
Working as a young actor can be isolating. Use on-set downtime to connect with friends at home. Keep your cell phone charged and your SKYPE account at the ready. Social media is another valuable communication outlet that can combat isolation. Not only is it a good tool to keep up-to-date with friends and family, young performers can also connect with fans and network within the industry. Just be smart about it. You’ll find some tips on how to be social media savvy on our blog. 

How does your young performer stay occupied during on-set downtime? Please share your ideas with us on Facebook or Twitter.