What Does a Film Commission Do?

What Does a Film Commission Do?

In the world of show business, you may have come into contact with the concept of film commissions. These entities may seem mysterious, but in reality, they can be found all over the world, and do incredible work to sustain and nurture the acting, film, and video industries in their communities. Globally, there are 300+ film commissions, and they span across more than 40 countries. If you’ve ever considered working with a film commission or are just interested in understanding the work they do for communities and actors, here are the details.

Purpose of Film Commissions

The Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI) defines a film commission as: “a specialized office under the authority of a government entity, or administrative office, with the purpose of promoting the region through the development of film, video, and multimedia production.” With film commissions, the community that houses the commission is inextricably tied to it—the entire purpose of the commission is to help the community around it grow through education and resources related to film.

The Dallas Film Commission (DFC) explains that the film commission “acts as the ‘agent’ for the Dallas area.” They represent the creative industries in the region and help them market and grow. Industries like motion pictures, television, commercials, corporate videos, music videos, documentaries, and still photography are supported by film commissions. The DFC also describes the film commission’s role as a “translator.” They serve as a go-between for artists and the communities of which they are a part, connecting people with the arts and elevating both. Film commissions also play a large role in inviting productions to their communities.

Getting Involved with a Film Commission

If you’re interested in joining a film commission or learning more about the work they do, the AFCI has a comprehensive directory of hundreds of film commissions across the world. Working with a film commission is a great way to get involved in the entertainment industry without necessarily having to be an actor, producer, filmmaker, or technician. Film commissions are staffed with people who are passionate about film and desire to move the industry forward.

Furthermore, the AFCI offers a wide range of educational courses for members who want to learn the ins and outs of what being a film commissioner is like. The AFCI University offers interested individuals online courses on the basics as well as more in-depth areas of working in the film industry. To join the AFCI, or to read up on all the memberships and benefits they offer, you can find the information on their website.

Film commissions offer invaluable resources to communities, filmmakers, and professionals. Understanding what they do and how to interact with them in the future can be of use to all film industry professionals and enthusiasts, no matter your current place in the world of show business and entertainment.