7 Helpful Apps for Young Actors

7 Helpful Apps for Young Actors

Actors of every age always need to hone their craft and work on their skills, no matter who they are and how long they’ve been in the business. There are many different ways for actors to continue to learn, some are more expensive and time-consuming than others. For younger actors embroiled in the digital age, apps can present a unique learning opportunity. 

Many young actors probably own a smartphone, or their parents do, which means they have access to apps that can be used to study and help them grow in their special skills and areas of interest. Since these young adults, teens, and child actors are exposed to so much screen time already, it might as well be made into a learning experience. 

Here are 7 apps that can all be used to the advantage of young performers:

  • Rehearsal Pro: This is a very popular app that helps actors learn their lines. You can scan physical scripts to PDF form and read them from your phone. It also gives users the ability to cut and edit how lines are displayed to suit different learning styles. You can even record your lines and read them back like they were on a teleprompter.

  • Scene Study: Scene Study was developed by actors for actors. You can set up your own production in the app, along with characters and scenes, and practice getting to know your cues. This is a great tool to help practice memorization.

  • Duolingo: This app was not designed for actors, but it is the most popular free tool to learn languages in a simple and fun way. Being able to speak more than one language can be a huge advantage to actors, and with Duolingo, learning can happen anywhere and at any pace.

  • Sokkyo: Improvisation is a key skill for actors, and Sokkyo offers different, ever-swapping improv suggestions sorted into 18 categories, so you always have a fresh start. Great to learn with – or just for fun!

  • The Accent Kit: Accents, like learning different languages, can give actors a competitive advantage over their peers. Developed by accent coaches, The Accent Kit allows you to listen to and learn from authentic accents, and practice along in different forms. You can also record yourself speaking with an accent in the app, to improve the accuracy of your performances.

  • Backstage Casting: In the Backstage app, actors can find and apply to different casting calls right from their phones, and view in-depth audition details. By creating a profile, actors can upload important information like headshots, demo reels, and more.

  • Slatable: For young actors just starting out, self-taping can be difficult. Slatable allows you to record yourself and easily edit your own clips so you can create your own video auditions without knowing all the technical details.

No matter your skill level and no matter your schedule, these apps allow actors to learn and maintain important skills that will help them navigate and excel in the industry. Screen time doesn’t have to be just about entertainment—it can be used for learning too. These apps are perfect for actors at any age and any stage of their career. Which app will you be trying out?