Minimizing the Summer Slide

Minimizing the Summer Slide

Summer is winding down, and while child actors enjoy “no more pencils, no more books” as much as the next child, they’re just as vulnerable to what educators call the dreaded “summer slide.” Education, like acting, is a work in progress that is best improved by practice, practice, practice! We may be too far into the season to stop the slide, but there are things that young performers, parents, and family members can do to brush up on their education chops and get ready for the new year.

A Study in Studying

Time is precious for everyone, but for child actors and other non-traditional students, it’s a commodity like no other. Any given day calls for juggling auditions, rehearsals, photo shoots, and meetings, but unlike their adult counterparts, young performers and other students on the go have to find a way to squeeze schooling into their busy schedules. Try these tips to make the most of your study time.


Roman philosopher Seneca is credited with saying “luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” While this holds true in many walks of life, it is perhaps most important when applied to careers in the performing arts. And for young performers, preparation involves more than running lines and rehearsing songs; it also means taking education seriously. 

Protecting Young Performers in California

Did you know that a number of states do not have adequate laws in place to protect young performers? This comes as a surprise to many parents, especially those whose children are just entering the business. States without such protections are forced to rely on SAG-AFTRA to dictate working conditions for young performers.