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Attorney Steven C. Beer has spent more than 20 years in the entertainment industry representing top writers, directors, producers, and film production companies and guiding popular acts in music, including artists such as Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, and Lady Gaga. When his own son expressed interest in pursuing a career in acting, Steven drew on his extensive professional experience for very personal reasons, helping set his young actor on the right path to success and learning a lot along the way.

Industry Voices

In the first part one of our interview with Angela J. Williams, she recounted her sons’ early successes and the journey that led her to write My Child is Going to Be Rich and Famous. In part two, Angela looks at how show business stacks up to more traditional pursuits and offers suggestions for personal and professional support systems for young actors and their families.

Industry Voices

singer/songwriter, producer, and author, but she’s most proud of her role as devoted mother to three talented sons (Tyler James, Tyrel Jackson, and Tylen Jacob), each of whom have successful careers in show business. They’d be the first to agree that much of their success is due to their mother’s hard work behind the scenes, efforts that inspired her to write My Child is Going to Be Rich and Famous as a guide to budding young actors and the families that support them.

Parental Guidance: Required Reading for Young Performers and Their Families

Are you ready to break into acting? A new year is a good time to start, but it takes more than a date and a dream to achieve your goals. For a child actor just starting out in the business, the challenges can seem overwhelming; but luckily, there are a number of resources available for performers and parents to help guide you on your journey. And just as there is more than one way to tackle a role, there is no single path to success either. 2015 brought us these great books by industry advocates for child actors that can help guide you through 2016 and beyond!

Line Please! Helpful Hints to Avoid Being at a Loss for Words

In our last post, A Study in Studying, we mentioned actors having “what some would consider an unfair advantage” when it comes to studying, referring to techniques used by performers to learn their lines for stage and screen. In this post, we’ll explore more deeply those techniques as they apply to acting, with tips to help young performers keep the dialogue flowing smoothly.