Words of Wisdom from Two Successful Young Actors

Words of Wisdom from Two Successful Young Actors

Words of Wisdom from Two Successful Young Actors

Aspiring child and teen actors have an expansive array of role models to observe in television and film. And while it’s helpful to study the techniques of successful performers, young actors can also learn a lot about the craft and the industry by following the advice of those who blazed a trail before them. Here are some words of wisdom from two actors who started their careers from a young age.

Industry Voices: Part 2 of Our Interview with Denise Simon

When you think about the team of people who support a young actor’s career, a broad group of professionals come to mind: Directors, coaches, casting directors and agents all fill important functions in the success of a child performer. But let’s not forget about the critical role that parents play in supporting, protecting, encouraging, and overseeing their children’s acting careers.

Industry Voices: Part 1 of Our Interview with Denise Simon

Denise Simon knows a thing or two about the entertainment industry. She’s been an actress, teacher, director, casting director and personal talent manager. A frequent contributor to industry publications, she’s most recently added book author to her list of roles.

Industry Voices: Staying Safe Online

An interview with BizParentz Co-Founders Paula Dorn and Anne Henry: Part 2

BizParentz Foundation, a non-profit organization, supports young performers and their parents by providing education, advocacy and charitable support. Created by stage moms Paula Dorn and Anne Henry, BizParentz aims to share information on topics associated with children in the entertainment industry so that families can make an informed decision best suited to their individual needs and experience.

Industry Voices: Safety, Smart Choices & Stage Names

An interview with BizParentz Co-Founders Paula Dorn and Anne Henry: Part I

How it all began: In 2001, Paula Dorn met Anne Henry. Their sons, both 10 years old and established young performers in the LA area, were working in a live show at Disneyland. Around that same time, the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) was sponsoring legislation that updated the “Coogan Law,” which requires trust accounts for young performers.

Industry Voices: An Interview with On-Set Teacher Sally Rusk

It used to be said that school was about the three “Rs”: reading, writing, and arithmetic. Today’s students delve deeper into a wider range of subjects, of course, with additional studies in the areas of history, science, technology, and more. But when your classroom is on a set and your schoolwork happens between takes, your teacher’s responsibility goes even further than that.

Industry Voices

In the first part of our interview with Steven, he discussed the personal challenges he faced when becoming a stage parent, the importance of understanding child labor laws, and why child actors should be the ones who define their success. In part two, Steven debunks the stereotype of the overbearing stage parent and highlights the essential role parents should play as partners in their young performer’s career. 

Industry Voices

Attorney Steven C. Beer has spent more than 20 years in the entertainment industry representing top writers, directors, producers, and film production companies and guiding popular acts in music, including artists such as Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, and Lady Gaga. When his own son expressed interest in pursuing a career in acting, Steven drew on his extensive professional experience for very personal reasons, helping set his young actor on the right path to success and learning a lot along the way.

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Sally Gaglini has spent more than twenty-five years as a legal advisor for young performers and the companies for whom they work. Her commitment to child actors runs deep, as founder of the Gaglini Law Group, as an entertainment law teacher at Suffolk University, and in her work with lawmakers in creating the inaugural child performer law in Massachusetts. 

Industry Voices

In the first part one of our interview with Angela J. Williams, she recounted her sons’ early successes and the journey that led her to write My Child is Going to Be Rich and Famous. In part two, Angela looks at how show business stacks up to more traditional pursuits and offers suggestions for personal and professional support systems for young actors and their families.